Caren S. on May 28, 2015Donna is a gifted and balanced trainer. She has the skills that allow her to identify not only the best type of training for the dog, but also for their human counterpart. When both work together as a team, everyone wins.

Caren S. on May 28, 2015

awesome dogs from a great breeder

Autumn B. on May 26, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna is a very experienced trainer and uses many different methods of training such as click, positive reinforcement, positive punishment, and mechanics. She's knowledgeable, she cares, and she'll tell you the truth. If you want candy coating and a soft, gooey core, move on. Donna has a soft core, but she will sugar coat nothing. If you're messing up, she's calling you out. If you can't handle that, you should probably just go to a PetSmart/co; however . . .

. . . if you can handle the truth and a little tough love, Donna may well be just the trainer for you. She's a good person and a good trainer (and I say that as a someone with the same vocation). When you decide to work with Donna, you'll be in good, strong, capable hands. Oh, and she's a horse whisperer, too. Have fun!

Amanda M. on April 21, 2015

5/5 stars

My Pit bull Puppy and I attended a puppy class as well as an advanced training class taught by Donna, Not only did she do a great Job training him, but teaching me how to continue the training at home. He is 8 years old now and is out of control when he see's her. In a good way of course. He absolutely loves her and knows exactly who she is even years later. I have referred numerous pet owners to her for training.

Debi K. on April 15, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna is a very good trainer, i highly recommend her for any type of training she really knows what she is doing for you and your dog. Kirk M

Kirk M. on April 14, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna has taken care of my dog while I traveled and she was his trainer when I first took him in as an abandoned eight week old puppy. She did an extraordinary job in both aspects.

Randy M. on April 12, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna is great trainer. My Rottweiler and I had a grest time in her class. She is very knowledgeable and patient. I highly recommend her for all dog training needs.

Linda M. on April 11, 2015

5/5 stars

I recently hired Donna to train my Shetland Sheepdog puppy named "Who". She was amazing! In a matter of a few weeks she had him sitting, staying and "speaking". I strongly recommend her to help train your pet! She knows ALOT about positive reinforcement techniques, psychological development, and health concerns for your animal. I am going to hire her to work with my girlfriends German Shepard as well!

Jeffrey W. on April 10, 2015

5/5 stars

I grew up with dogs, but after leaving home I was "dogless" for 6 years. When I got my first dog as an adult, who was also my first "inside dog" I knew I needed help. Corgi's can be a VERY stubborn breed! Donna helped me turn a stubborn Corgi who knew NO commands, into a dream! In addition to training the dog, Donna taught me ALOT. When I got my second dog, I was able to take him all the way from basic puppy housebreaking to a K9 good citizen with what I had learned from Donna. I highly recommend Donna as a dog trainer. She can easily adapt to different types of dogs and different types of owners to help, not only your dog, but you as well!

Tiffany B. on April 10, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna helped us with our new puppy and getting him to learn basic obedience. She is a wonderful trainer and our now 4 year old dog is very well behaved.

Sue B. on April 10, 2015

5/5 stars


Donna helped me to teach my dogs to potty on cue. I never thought this was possible and it is certainly handy! Her experience and love of dogs make her an excellent teacher. If you have a dog with a behavior issue I would highly recommend Donna!

Ruth E. on April 10, 2015

5/5 stars

Donna did a great job training our Border Collie Ire.

Nick G. on April 10, 2015

5/5 stars

I have really enjoyed working with Donna! She has helped us learn how to train our boxer, Hulk, and how to avoid encouraging negative behaviors. He can now sit, lay down, stay, catch a treat in the air, spin in a circle, and he is getting better and better at coming when called, which was a huge problem for us. Our lessons could possibly be life saving! I have small children and there have been times where Hulk has gotten out of the yard because they have opened the gate. We used to have to really work to chase him and get him in. Not anymore! Now he will come when called, sit, and we can bring him back to safety. We've also been able to teach him some fun tricks along the way! The best thing overall is we all have a fun time during our training sessions. Hulk and my kids all think it's play time! We've really enjoyed this experience and would definitely recommend these services to others!

Jeana J, on July 30, 2015

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