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Leave it! with treats thrown on the ground.

Teaching shake and high five.

Yellow Lab 2 week board and train.

Dog training class graduates!

Here the lesson is "down". When she didn't get it, I ignored the behavior and started over. In the end she got it!

Day 2 with Daisy

Bella's first lesson on "leave it" with

Hot Dogs!


Day 3 of a 2 week board and train. You

Could not control Chicka on a leash

at all 3 short days before this video.

The owners had to bring their son to

handle her!

Teaching sit, spin, down and name recognition.

Working on down stay and come today!

The following 3 videos are  of Daisy, my board and train dog, day one of training.

Teaching to walk nicely on a leash. Notice she is choosing to stay with me on a loose leash.

Yellow Lab 2 week board and train.

Learning "Leave it" with treats. Daisy tries hard to please by offering a "down" when she's not understanding "leave it"!

 Teaching sit, spin and beg

I offer dog training classes at your home or mine.   Also Board and train for small dogs or puppies of any breed.  Makeup classes available, tuition good for 6 months. In home training is $200 for 4, training at my house is $125 for 6 lessons. Board and train is $600 for 2 weeks training. 

I will help you train your dog to:

  • Sit and Down on command.
  • Come when called, no matter what the distraction!
  • Leave it and drop it.
  • Stay so well you can not pull him/her out of position.
  • Stand stay-good for bathing, grooming or trips to the vet.
  • Settle-to relax on cue.
  • Behavior problems discussed. (biting, jumping, running away)
  • Walk nicely on a leash.
  • Clicker training!
  • Trick Training-spin, shake right and left, catch a treat out of the air, roll over and play dead, and more!
  • Potty Training, teach your dog to "go" on command!

Puppies have adult brain waves and start learning at 8-9 weeks old, so the sooner you begin training the better. Its good to mold your dog into what you want him to be from the beginning. Of course, older puppies can have fun learning as well.

I use balanced training methods, and use the approach that works best for you and your dog.

Guaranteed Results!